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Flap Wheels

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Abrasives: Flap wheels (Spindle Mounted)

What is a flap wheel?

A flap wheel is an abrasive wheel that is mounted into a power tool, such as a drill, via a spindle. They are much like flap discs. They are used to grind metal.

Flap wheels are used to access hard to reach areas, like the inside of small diameter pipe or tube. A flap disc would not be able to fit in these areas. Therefore, these types of application call for a flap wheel.

A spindle mounted wheel calls for a power tool that has a chuck and a rotational action. Users will often utilse hand drills, impact drivers & other similar power tools. You cannot use a flap wheel in conjunction with an angle grinder.

Flap Wheel KM 615 Klingspor

Common Diameters & Widths'

Common wheel diameters & widths include:

  • 30MM x 10MM
  • 40MM x 20MM
  • 50MM x 20MM
  • 60MM x 30MM
  • 80MM x 40MM
  • 100MM x 50MM


Common Abrasives Grit Types for Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels

Much like flap discs there is a range of grits available. Again, they increase in increments of '20'. Common grits include 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit & 120 grit. However, there are some specialist wheel types that go up to higher grits, such as 240.

Non-Woven Flap Wheels

In addition to offering an eclectic range of abrasives for stock removal we also offer a range of non-woven abrasive wheels. This kind of wheel is not used to grind away metal, they are used for surface finishing; they are often referred to as an abrasive mop.

For example, Klingspors NCW 600S satin finishing drum is used to create a satin finish on materials such as steel, stainless steel, wood & plastic. To quote Klingspor: "Satin finishing is a process that produces an even finer finish than can be achieved by standard grinding processes. The outcome is a matt-shiny or matt surface that displays ultra-fine structures, so-called satin finish lines. This aesthetic effect truly shows its merits in cabinetry and interior design applications."

Dont forget to use our product filtering feature to filter for "non-woven" type wheels, if you're looking for that perfect surface finish.

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