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Diamond Cutting Discs

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Diamond Cutting Discs & Diamond Cutting Blades

What is a diamond cutting blades?

Diamond blades are not like regular cutting discs; regular cutting discs are used to cut metals and other similar materials. Diamond blades are used to cut common construction materials.

Building materials like concrete, asphalt, bricks, tiles, granite or marble are commonly cut with such a disc. Some construction materials are stronger or harder to cut than others. Therefore, some materials call for a specific blade to be cut.

Diamond discs are usually made from a steel body. Diamond grits are bonded to each segement. The diamond grits are extremely hard, and are the part that is used to cut through the material. Some blades are are designed to cut harder materials.

Diamond cutting discs are usually used with a power tool like an angle grinder. However, larger blades are used with tools such as stihl saws, cut off saws or specially made floor cutting saws.

Examples of Diamond Cutting Discs

  • Abracs Thorsaw Carbide Cluster Blade: Used for applications where a chainsaw or typical diamond blade would not be good enough. For example railway sleepers, plastic pipes, tree roots, small trees & other types of timber.
  • Abracs Expert *****: Used for all construction materials including reinforced concrete & steel, but offering the highest level of longevity. The cooling hole technology reduces the cutting temperature & continuous segments make for less segment loss. The Abracs Expert ***** discs offer one of the best cost per cut ratios on the market.
  • Abracs Pro ****: Used for common building materials such as concrete, bricks, natural stone & tile. Offering impressive levels of performance and long life at a reasonable price. Manufactured using premium quality diamonds and a pre-stressed body.
  • Abracs Trade ***: Designed to offer a low price point diamond cutting blade that can be used on most general construction materials. Offering a good cost per cut ratio and a reasonable life span.
  • Abracs Expert ***** for Dual Construction Materials: Similar to the standard Abracs Expert *****, except it is suitable for cutting abrasive materials & asphalt. This is in additon to the other general construction materials it can cut. This is the go to blade for all professional contractors looking for a quality cutting blade.
  • Abracs Pro **** for Hard Construction Materials: Made especially for cutting through super hard construction materials, such as granite, with minimal effort. The discs narrow gullets & angled segments ensure minimal segment loss & maximum performance levels.
  • Abracs Expert ***** for Abrasive Construction Materials: Manufactured with an extra thick core to ensure the straightest of cuts. The versatility of this blade is unrivalled. It can be used to cut hard & abrasive materials like green concrete and asphalt. It is also capable of cutting softer materials such as sandstone and construction breeze blocks. The segements are laser welded to the body, ensuring extremely high levels of performance, strength & reliability under the most extreme circumstances.

Abracs Diamond Cutting Disc

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