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Diamond Core Drills

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Diamond Core Drills & Dry Diamond Cores

What is a diamond core drill?

A diamond core drill is a drill bit that is used in conjunction with a rotary drill to create specific diameter holes in a wide range of materials. Diamond core drills can be used on a range of materials including concrete, metal & glass. The fact that they are made from diamond, the hardest natural substance known to man, means that they can drill practically any material. As a result of this various trades often place high value on their inclusion in their toolkits.

They are typically manufactured from a steel body mounted on a rotation shaft. The segements are studded with diamonds to ensure sufficient hardness to drill through tough materials. The diamond segments are rotated to drill through the workpiece.

In most circumstances water is used to cool & control the temperature of the cut, however, dry diamond cores do not require any kind of cooling. They are used completely dry.

Diamond drilling is utilised in a wide range of industries, including construction, electrical, plumbing & general fabrication.

Abracs Premium Range of Diamond Core Drills

Welding Supplies Direct have partnered with Abracs to offer our customers a range of heavy duty, premium dry diamond cores. Their products are manufactured from a high quality tool grade steel and premium grade diamond grain. They offer the user 3 key selling points: Outstanding performance, Excellent working life & High levels of speed. They are 150MM in length & come in a wide range of diameters, from 28MM all the way up to 162MM.

In addition to offering individual cores we also offer 3 or 5 piece kits along with all necessary accessories such as extension rods, guide rods, adaptors for SDS drills & drift keys.

3pc Dry Diamond Core Kit Expert

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