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Bench Grinding Wheels

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Abrasives: Bench Grinding Wheels & Bench Grinder Brushes

What are bench grinder wheels?

A bench grinding wheel is a vitrified abrasive wheel. They are typically used for grinding steel & wood. Typically they are manufactured from aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

A bench grinder or pedestal grinder is the main tool they are used on. These tools are mostly used in sharpening or polishing applications.

In addition to being used to grind material they can be used to for surface preperation. For this purpose the user would require a bench grinder brush. These products are often made from a steel with a high resistance properties which is then coated in brass. This aids in improving the lifespan of the product.

Removal of surface rust or paint is made easy by using a bench grinding wheel brush.

Common Diameters & Thickness of Bench Grinding Wheels

Our range of includes most common diameters & wheel thickness', such as:

  • 150MM x 13MM
  • 150MM x 16MM
  • 150MM x 20MM
  • 150MM x 25MM
  • 200MM x 16MM
  • 200MM x 20MM
  • 200MM x 25MM
  • 200MM x 32MM
  • 250MM x 25MM
  • 250MM x 32MM
  • 300MM x 32MM
  • 300MM x 50MM
  • 350MM x 50MM

All of the above diameters are available in a range of grits, including 36 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit & 120 grit.

The inner diameter of the bore is typically 31.75MM, however, we include a reducing bush which allows the discs to be used on 99% of bench grinders.

Vitrified Bench Grinder Wheel Aluminium Oxide

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