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Manifold Cylinder Pallet / Banks

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What is a Manifold Cylinder Pallet?

A Manifold Cylinder Pallet is a series of industrial gas cylinders that are all joined together. Manifold Cylinder Pallets are often called Industrial Cylinder Banks. These Gas Banks are filled and discharged together and are used where high volumes of industrial gas are required. The pressure can be regulated by adding a gas regulator that will allow the user to get a constant rate of flow and pressure without any interruption of use. 

Where would I use Cylinder Pallet /Gas Banks?

Where Industrial Gas is used in high volumes, Welding Supplies Direct can supply a Manifold Cylinder Pallet Bank for your Industrial Gas requirement.

How many industrial gas cylinders are in a Manifold Cylinder Pallet?

Our Manifold Cylinder Pallet Bank contains 9 manifold cylinders with two outlets which are housed on either side of the steel frame.

What Pressures are in an Industrial gas Cylinder Pallet?

Our Manifold Cylinder Pallet Banks are available in the following pressures.

  • 200 Bar
  • 300 Bar

What Industrial gases are available in Manifold Cylinder Pallet/Gas Banks?

We are able to offer the following gases in Manifold Cylinder Pallet Bank.

  • Oxygen 
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Argon/CO2

Where can I buy Regulators for a Manifold Cylinder Pallet?

We are able to offer all industrial gas regulators here. All Gas regulators are available in 200 and 300 Bar.

Where can I Rent a Manifold Cylinder Pallet?

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Buy Here - Argon Manifold Cylinder Pallets

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